Zodiac Milpro is a market leader in the design and manufacturing of high-quality inflatable and semi-rigid boats. We understand that the success of your mission hinges on the reliability of your equipment. That’s why each of our boats is customized to meet the specific demands of your unique mission—be it high-stakes rescue efforts, critical patrol assignments, strategic boarding operations, or daring expeditions. With Zodiac Milpro, you’re not just getting a boat; you’re securing a partner dedicated to your mission’s success.
Zodiac Milpro crafts high-performance vessels tailored to diverse missions, offering speed, comfort, and versatility.

We integrate combat systems and prioritize advancements in boat boarding. Committed to mission success and safety, we collaborate with first responder organizations worldwide. Our products, including inflatable boats and RIBs, are designed for remote expeditions and various activities. We provide customizable solutions and expert guidance for specialized applications.


Zodiac Hurricane has dominated the RIB market for over 30 years with its quality, innovation, and versatility, providing modular platforms for various mission profiles and users: Special Forces, Search and Rescue, and Offshore industry. These boats are tailored for demanding operations, combining specialized design and custom features to meet specific mission requirements.

Crafted with aluminum or advanced composites, they operate from ships, shores, or air, boasting cutting-edge communication and combat systems for optimal deployment. The MACH II models, up to 16 meters, feature the revolutionary Military Air Channelled Hull, enhancing speed, range, and maneuverability, making them the pinnacle of military RIB technology.

“Our mission is to produce high-performance vessels that meet the stringent demands of clients, including navies, coast guards, and other maritime agencies worldwide. We aim to ensure that our boats are fit for purpose and meet mission needs.” – Franck Palomba, Director of Zodiac Hurricane Technologies and Commercial Director of North America.


Producing chase and adventure boats, Hurricane Tenders is celebrated for their exceptional design, outstanding performance, and premium, high-end features, making them the ultimate choice for those who demand the best in maritime luxury and adventure-ready capabilities.

A testament to superior design, one signature of a Hurricane™ is the exclusive, patented MACH II hull – a favorite among special forces for high-seas operations. Experience the raw beauty of a bespoke adventure boat with unparalleled performance in the most challenging environments. Be comforted by the premium shock-mitigating suspension seats. Optimize your layout with our low profile track system, ensuring enhanced utility and allowing for multiple configurations.


Yachtwerft Meyer is renowned for crafting luxury tenders in the megayacht sector. With a focus on quality materials and years of experience, we meet the highest standards and are proud to see our products aboard megayachts worldwide. Satisfied owners and crews inspire us to continue crafting unique “made in Germany” products in the future.

Additionally, we provides inflatable boats and sea RIBs designed for military and professional purposes.


Vectis Marine Design excels in naval architecture, structural, mechanical, and design engineering and analysis. They specialize in designing vessels from 4m to 34m in length, using materials like steel, aluminum, GRP, composites, and HDPE. Their support for in-service vessels includes modification and conversion design, structural inspections and analysis, re-engine packages, stability tests, life-extension projects, maneuvering and seakeeping analysis, and accident investigations.

They provide these services to boat professional operators, ferry operators, builders, and maintainers. Vectis Marine Design is also at the forefront of decarbonizing specialist vessels and small crafts, employing sustainable technologies such as battery-electric, hybrid, hydrogen, and alternative fuels.


At ORIA Marine, we are dedicated to transforming fleet management with a focus on sustainability and efficiency. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support to reduce fuel consumption and minimize the environmental impact of fleets.

Through our innovative Data Box, seamlessly integrated into your vessel’s NMEA network, we empower you to record and analyze crucial data, from engine performance to GPS tracking. With our Analytics Platform, you gain access to powerful tools for optimizing fleet performance, reducing costs, and enhancing environmental stewardship.

“The maritime industry has been left far behind in the digital and tech era. We bring it back where it belongs by leveraging data, setting new industry standards through innovation and unwavering commitment to sustainability.” – Antoine Desferet, CEO of ORIA Marine.


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