Our enterprise is proud to manage five production facilities across the globe, strategically situated in Spain, Germany, Australia, the United States, and Canada. There we create our premium boats. Each site has been chosen for its strategic significance, access to expert labor, and capability to efficiently serve major markets. These global production centers empower us to uphold our reputation for excellence and innovation within the boating sector, ensuring each craft meets our rigorous criteria for quality, resilience, and performance. By harnessing the distinct advantages of each region, we are able to provide a varied assortment of products tailored to the diverse demands of our customers worldwide.


Our shipyard, known for its innovative approach in the megayacht industry, prides itself on crafting custom vessels tailored to the unique needs of private clients while also supplying the global megayacht sector. Yachtwerft Meyer boasts an extensive selection of inflatable boats and sea RIBs meticulously designed to meet the rigorous standards of military and professional clients, both domestically and internationally.


Since 1999, Zodiac Española has been the Group’s largest shipyard. Located in Rosas, it has become a major hub for the assembly of RIBs (up to 11 meters) and manufactures all inflatables from 3.1 to 7 meters. It is the largest inflatable boat factory in the world.


Since 1983, Zodiac Australia has been a leading provider of specialized Inflatables and RIBs in Australia. With local production of models like ZH472 and ZH733I/O since 1989, and now ZH753 and ZH955, fully rigged in Caringbah, NSW, we offer extensive support to military and professional clients.


Zodiac Hurricane’s Canadian development center, established in 1984, is dedicated to the design and manufacture of custom rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs). Our history includes the creation of the world’s largest RHIB, a 14 m (47 ft) vessel designed for challenging conditions and in active service with the Canadian Coast Guard until 2006.


Zodiac of North America, Inc. (ZNA) excels in manufacturing of top-tier inflatable boats, RIBs, and safety equipment designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional use. Renowned for their robustness and dependability, our products are the preferred choice across diverse sectors, including rescue and naval operations. As part of our commitment to supporting American maritime industries, ZNA proudly adheres to the Jones Act, ensuring that all our boats are built and operated within the United States. This dedication not only strengthens the local economy but also ensures our products but also guarantees that our offerings meet the most stringent quality and safety standards.


At Zodiac Milpro Group, we emphasize expert craftsmanship combined with ongoing innovation to establish industry standards. Our dedication to quality is apparent in every component, meticulously hand-assembled using traditional techniques. This commitment not only ensures superior performance and durability but also integrates cutting-edge technology into our products, meeting the rigorous demands of the marine environment and driving industry innovation forward.


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